Burns My Britches

I am going to switch up my Twitter chat this week thanks to @carmelhealth’s (and @TheWeirdTeacher) idea. I will be throwing out answers this week and you the reader will be writing the questions for it.  If you need to see the pics better ctrl + will zoom in and ctrl – will zoom back out.

This week is a #rantchat (stole from @shahlock) week.  Twitter has been blowing up with hate and rudeness. Example A was a set of tweets attacking @pernilleripp for writing a blog about her thoughts of the #whatiwishmyteacherknew by @mdawriter.  The problem was not her thoughts but the fact that she did not come out on Twitter and join in on the attack of @kylemschwartz.  This is a huge problem when we are being told how we should respond to an issue and what is an acceptable and timely fashion. There is no correct way to use social media.



My next problem comes when people can’t discuss an issue. The great part and scary part of social media is that we have immediate access to the public.  The whole controversy of #whatiwishmyteacherknew shows me that we are still not ready for everyone to share. We might never be ready. Whether you agree or disagree with what Kyle did, the fact of the matter is that this came from a teacher.  A teacher who I hope is trying her best. Negativity does not make people try harder.  It beats them down and makes them not want to share their work anymore.

One of the biggest worries in this whole debacle is this paragraph in @rafranzdavis blog:

“For the past few hours, I’ve thought, rethought, written and erased…over and over again. In between going back and forth, I got to experience the vile realities of twitter trolls…people creating accounts for the sole purpose of saying the most unreal, racist, sexist, body shaming…things to me.”

This is appalling that simply because Rafanz had things to say that some people didn’t like she was subjected to this garbage.  Her voice is being used for the social justice that she believes in.  You can agree or disagree with her.  You can love or hate her.  What you can’t do is degrade her based on the color of her skin, gender, or weight.  The worst part of this is you hide behind fake Twitter accounts.  Step into the light and say what you want so the world knows the hate that is in your heart.

Another area of great concern to me is the bottom of the picture of the continued thread on the right.  pic3_I don’t understand the bottom of the thread where race is brought into this one-sided conversation.  The broad statement of “white folks confuse provocative bold speech for anger” doesn’t make sense in this context.  Where did the color of anyone’s skin come into play? This throws more fuel on a fire that was already roaring.

As a white straight male I am scared to talk about race.  It doesn’t matter that I have my own story that no one knows about hatred and bigotry.  What I do know is that #educolor exists for a reason.  That reason is that we still have a long way to go when it comes to race relations.  If you do not follow this hash-tag I suggest that you do for no other reason that this is outside most people’s comfort zone.  They come from a perspective where race plays an issue where most people have no clue it does. I do not have to agree with every tweet that comes from their thread just as I don’t agree with every tweet that comes out of #slowchatpe’s thread.  What I do know is they are not engaging in the group think that I have been fighting against since joining social media.

I am a hippie libertarian at heart. I want us all to accept the differences in each other and leave each other alone.  Most importantly I want to live in a world where everyone understands that exercise and nutrition are necessary for happy healthy lives.

A1 Sharing my story is the best way for other people to understand where I came from as well as who I am.

A2 Not surrounding myself with everyone who looks, acts, and speaks like me.

A3 Nutrition and Exercise.

A4 Talking about subjects that scare me, learning new things that are hard, being married, and ADHD.



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