Last year my one word was fear. I was worried about the direction the country was heading and my fear came to fruition. You can read why here. This year I am choosing DISALLOW as my one word. The number one reason I am choosing that word is that someone needs to stand up when they see things that go against what they stand for.

All too often on social media, people get bent out of shape when others disagree with them. I disallow the fact that people may not like me to stand in the way of bettering myself and my profession. I can always improve how I go about discussing what I see to make sure people understand I am not attacking them personally. There will be a much deeper blog about this in the future.

I disallow myself to normalize the tragic events that are occurring here in America as well as all over the world. It is impossible to keep my head in the sand any longer. I will continue to keep myself in tune with what is happening in the world. Unfortunately for some of my PLN this means that you will be seeing tweets about Aleppo as well as my social media posts reminding you that Flint Michigan still doesn’t have clean water.

Most importantly 2017 will not be there that I disallow myself from becoming complacent. This means that I will continue to improve my wellness. Over the break, I created a workout room in my living room to increase my physical wellness. Spiritually I have dabbled in yoga (for 10 minutes) and will continue to work on mindfulness. My intellectual wellness will be challenged again when I write my next chapter for the second Edumatch book. You can purchase the first Edumatch book from Amazon here or you can get a copy of the free e-book here. I encourage you to read the free version and send it to your friends. 

My one word is not about resolutions. It is about continuing to push myself to new heights by disallowing stagnation, complacency, or roadblocks to keep me from being the best version of myself I can be.


3 thoughts on “Disallow

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