Help me, Help me

Definition of Resolution: something people make on January 1 and don’t follow through on. Let me go back a step. I am a professional hater. When I see people tweeting out their new year’s resolutions and one word motto that they are going to live by this year I automatically think that failure is waiting to jump out of the shadows to feast on a tasty snack. It will slowly stalk its prey and gently lull it to sleep. Before you know it it is has captured your resolutions without you even realizing until it is too late. You want to cut out chocolate? You will eat a candy bar without even remembering your resolution until you get half way through. Failure wins again! You resolve to stop cursing? That car cut you off and without thinking you let out an utterance that would make your momma slap you in the face and send you to your room without dinner. Failure took your resolution and sold it to letdown for a Zimbabwe Kwacha. Decided to quit smoking cigarettes? Your boss yells at you for something your stupid coworker did and you just need to get out of the office for a break to “relax”. Failure smirks as it easily snatches your resolution and mails it to the devil for a cheap laugh.

That is why this year I have a plan to trick failure! My first step was to make my resolution on September 1 instead of January 1. Yes I agree with you that is brilliant. The New Year’s Resolution Killer didn’t even see it coming! Step two was to make the resolution attainable. Matter of fact it was so attainable that I already completed it before the New Year! Step 3 is to extend the resolution and go public with it. Why go public? So failure would meet its arch nemeses support and awareness! Step 4 triumph over failure by yelling out to the world that I won! I have defeated failure!

Ok that was the longest intro ever. Sometimes I like to hear myself type! Let me explain. On September 30 my mother in law asked our family if we would like to start a 60 day challenge. It was simple. Exercise EVERY day for at least 20 minutes a day.  Some days I would play basketball for two hours while other days I would walk on the treadmill at midnight drinking liquids. (to make sure I was hydrated) It didn’t matter what we did all that mattered was that we exercised for 20 minutes that day. We would text each other as soon as we got done so we could support each other.  My mother in law and I made it all the way to the New Year without skipping a day! It was a brilliant accomplishment that made me want to go further.

Now this is where I need your help. I want to continue this until the greatest day of the year March 8.  I am begging, imploring, asking, appealing, calling, demanding, desiring, entreating, inviting, soliciting and every other synonym you can think of for you to join me. This will help hold me accountable if even one other person joins me on this journey. Whenever you read this blog tweet me @schleiderjustin and post to the hashtag #20minpe every day when you complete your exercise. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It could be walking the dog, walking on the treadmill while listening to a podcast, shoveling snow or any activity that made you active for at least 20 min that day.

I am ready to snatch success from the jaws of failure. So please people if you read this help me become a winner. Make me accountable on a grand public scale. I want to be so scared to let people down that I wake up every day saying I have to get my 20 in today. Who is ready to take on the stealthy assassin known as the New Year’s Resolution Killer with me?

Q1: How do you show stakeholders that we personally value exercise? #slowchatpe

Q2: What do you do to encourage other stakeholders to exercise? #slowchatpe

Q3: Should physical education teachers be physically fit barring medical reasons? Why? #slowchatpe

Q4: Do you ever exercise in front of stakeholders? What does this look like? #slowchatpe

Q5: How can technology assist stakeholders in exercise? #slowchatpe


24 thoughts on “Help me, Help me

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  3. Felix

    I agree with you fully. 20 min a day of exercising is all you need to do to stay fit. After reading this, I will make time to exercise 20 min each day. ( it was very funny)


  4. mylee

    I liked how you told us your opinions. 20 minutes it all you need to take to get in shape. Thanks for the opinions that you stated


  5. jt112358

    That a really good blog you must of spent a lot of time doing this and this blog was very interesting and i lke the part that you put you mama with slap you in the face that was funny.


  6. Ryan

    I agree with everything you said. it was so interesting this blog. I really,truly enjoyed it. I think you have gotten to me. Also I work out every day for 20 minutes too.


  7. carmelhealth

    I love Q3. A friend of mine back home in England wrote her dissertation on the topic of whether PE teachers should be regularly fitness tested in the same way that police officers or fire fighters are. Back then we were fresh out of college and fitness fascists. I’d like to think that 20 years later I am less judgmental, but do think that we should practice what we preach. Should we be physically fit? Yes. Should our students be physically fit? Yes. Just as we would expect our students to work towards achieving fitness, and understanding the value of being healthy, so too should we be striving to achieve those same goals.


    1. slowchatpe Post author

      I agree with you whole-heartedly. How can we preach something and not follow through on our own teachings? We don’t have to be fitness maniacs or body builders; however, if you are obese it is sending the wrong message. Would you go to a church where the minister did drugs? Would you go to a dentist who was missing half their teeth? Would you buy a car from a GM salesperson after you see him drive away in a Toyota? No. You have to model fitness for the ss or you are just another hypocrite.



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