Talk Box for PD

I was raised Jewish, and am not a super religious fellow, but I like the famed teacher Jesus have been resurrected.  My career has been resurrected that is.  The reason I say this is because I have come to fall in love with teaching again.  The reason for this is simple. Voxer. My PLN is tired of me going on and on about it.  A teacher in my school tells me I vox so hard. My wife asks me when am I going to get off my phone.  My superintendent tells me not to Vox in class! (only half jokingly) I have been a part of a group that made videos of how to get on Voxer, tips and tricks of Voxer, as well as welcoming all new members to Voxer. (Check this out) Why do I have this love affair with Voxer you ask?

I love Voxer because I have Jorge Rodriguez to push my teaching forward. He makes videos explaining how to play new games. He also starting making videos of how to implement the Teaching Games For Understanding physical education model.  I don’t need a book or some abstract resource telling me how to do it.  I have Jorge showing me what it is and how to do it!! This is the new way to learn. Books just aren’t enough anymore. Show me don’t tell me!! I discovered Jorge through Voxer.

I love Voxer because I have Jarrod Robinson to push my teaching forward.  This man is amazing. I want to hate him because he sells applications and programs for physical education teachers.  It’s easy to hate salespeople.  The only problem is his apps and programs are resources that push physical education teachers forward.  In addition to the fact that he creates great technological products he is always willing to help anyone out. He has given out numerous free programs on Voxer as well as increased the number of students allowed to be signed into his programs for free. This man is the king of technology in education. Yes in all of education. He doesn’t just tell us what’s great for teachers to use in technology,  he creates it as well. I have access to Jarrod whenever I want due to Voxer. AMAZING!!

I love Voxer because I have Nick Spencer to push my teaching forward.  I have changed my whole class procedure due to his one Vox. (Voxer voice message)  He told us he doesn’t use the word go. He switched it to the phrase “never smoke”.  His theory is that if his message is pushed out several times a class over a broad number of years the students will be bombarded with the idea that one of the most addictive habits you can ever embark on is negative.  I also use his jump rope videos as the warmup to my Jump Rope for Heart month. They demonstrate and explain over 20 different ways to jump rope.  I learned about this all through Voxer.

I love Voxer because of my buddy Franklin.  Franklin is on Voxer all the time.  Anytime I need someone to talk to Franklin is there.  When I have a bad day and need to vent I reach out to Franklin.  There is no better stress relief in the world than someone you can talk to about anything at any time.  Talk about social, emotional, and occupational wellness!! Everyone needs a buddy like Franklin.

I love Voxer because of the chat groups I am in outside of Physical Education and Health.  I moderate #slowchatpe on voxer, co-moderate #satchat on voxer, and am a member of @edumatch and many others.  Those groups either post education questions of the day or talk about education all day every day.  I love thinking and talking about education.  Every teacher should challenge their thinking through a dialogue of peers that challenge them.  Every day I listen to the brightest minds in our business tell me about what they are doing and how they are doing it. This allows me to understand the changes that are sweeping across our nation right now.  Voxer connects me to education.

I love Voxer because educators from across the world run book clubs on it. I am currently in Digital Leadership book club run by Doug Timm.  The wildest part about the books club is that Eric Sheniger is actually a participate of the club! Holy shnikes the godfather of educational technology reform is in the book club with us of the book he wrote!! That is fantastic.  I am learning more through this Voxer chat than I could have imagined! Voxer allows me to interact with authors while reading their creations.

So if I come across as a champion of Voxer I am. This is a medium that every teacher should be a part of.  I hope that this blog helps at least one person realize that Voxer is the next logical step after Twitter and reaches out to me. My handle is SchleiderJustin. Use (Check this out) to sign up for Voxer.  If you are not a PE teacher I can still advise you into what groups are out there. Voxer will change your life! No more 140 character limits. No more oh the chat is over. Voxer lets you use your voice, text, or pictures to push your teaching to the next level.  You get connected to the best and brightest minds in education!  Why aren’t you Voxing?

Q1: What makes you want to start using a new technology? #slowchatpe

Q2: Do you ever consider how your digital legacy will be viewed? #slowchatpe

Q3: How much does pd play in your role as an educator? #slowchatpe

Q4: Has anything changed your teaching? If so what? #slowchatpe

Q5: Who has been your champion to become connected? #slowchatpe


2 thoughts on “Talk Box for PD

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  2. Michelle Owens

    I agree with all of the above. I don’t talk a lot but sure like being able to hear and know that I can just ask questions and one of my Voxer friends can point me in the right direction if not answer my ?’s.



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