Burns My Britches


This is one of the blogs that made me want to reflect. Here are some of my reflections.


Reflection 1: There is no wrong way to use social media.  This point still sticks out to me as being paramount.  You do not have to Tweet about anything before you blog about it.  Blogging is the freedom you have to say what you want when you want to. You can be 100% wrong and still blog. People have the option to respond or to ignore.  Blogging is an individual’s voice. When we start limiting that voice for any reason we start down that slippery slope. I blog because Twitter is 140 characters of superficiality.  I vox for the same reason. A blog can be a starting point, middle point, or ending point of a discussion. Social media does not have protocols about the time or fashion you use it. Just be positive!!


Reflection 2: Racial tension seems to be getting worse and not better. The recent events on the news and Twitter have shown me that we aren’t even close to being where we need to be.  The only way to bridge the gap is by candid discussion.  I am not scared to have these candid conversations even if I come off looking poorly.  The point is we are talking about it. Thoughts shape actions.


Reflection 3: I look at things without using a racial lens.  I have been afforded this outlook because I am white. I need people of color to allow me to see what I am missing.


Reflection 4: The people who are constantly fighting for social reform have doubts about the “edurockstars” in our profession.  Why didn’t they speak up before now? Is it because now it’s an issue that is not good to stay silent on because of #educolor awareness?  These social reformers created paths for them to speak out while enduring extensive harassment and abuse so when it’s safe to do so & they speak out.  They do not feel the support from “#edurockstars” and feel that those same people are avoiding the hard part about bringing the discussions to the forefront of the Twittersphere’s consciousness.  They (the “edustars”) are not getting slammed for their opinions but are able to jump in freely when it “suits” them and steal “credit” for championing a cause after the hard part is over.


Reflection 5: People with a fixed mindset remain fixed regardless of their race, gender, orientation, religion or any other identifying feature.  I was lectured to instead of being engaged in dialogue by some people. Lecturing people does not change their mind. If someone doesn’t get your point try and make it in a different way. This is the same as teaching. If a student doesn’t understand I try three different ways to present the same thing to them. If after the third different way of respectful dialogue doesn’t work then disengage.


Reflection 6: I should not have used anyone’s name in the blog.  It made it an attack instead of a discussion about social media acceptable use and protocol.


Reflection 7: My agenda is not your agenda.


Reflection 8: My true PLN will forgive my ignorance and remain in my PLN. This is why I keep my PLN small. I want personal learning as well as professional learning. I need people to challenge me and then pick me up after I am knocked down.  I can engage with you without agreeing with you and still respect you. If you feel I have to agree with you all the time I don’t want you in my PLN and please unfollow or block me.


Reflection 9: I believe in equity.  I also am going to be a leader. The reason why I engage in these conversations is so that when I make the decisions of policy and hiring I will have a decent  understanding of all my stakeholders.  I also believe in a diverse staff. This article does a much better job explaining it than I ever could.


Reflection 10: I can make a positive change in the world. I will not let people who stand on their soapbox get me down. I will continue to fight to grow, to learn, to challenge myself, to jump into chats and conversations and put myself out there. This is how I will continue to better myself.




Burns My Britches.


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