How I use social media in professional development using the SAMR model

How I use social media in professional development using the SAMR model.


1- Substitution
Social media acts as a direct professional development substitute with no functional change.

2- Augmentation
Social media acts as a direct professional development substitute, with functional improvements

Social media allows for significant direct professional development design

4- Redefinition
Social media allows for the creation of new direct professional development tasks, previously inconceivable.
This model is one of the models that show teachers the different levels of incorporating technology in class. I am going to walk you through how I use the SAMR model using social media for professional development. The most basic level is level of SAMR is substitution.  The best example of this would be listening to podcasts or watching webinars after they are completed.  I can sit in a room and listen to a speaker or I can sit in my basement and listen to a speaker.  Either way social media is not changing my pd. I am replacing face to face interaction with a computer screen or a speaker. This is a great way of getting professional development on your own time.  Just like using SAMR in the classroom, substitution is not always a negative thing.  Webinars and podcasts allow me to learn from people all over the world and on my own time.

The next level of SAMR is augmentation.  The greatest example of augmentation would be Google Hangouts Live.  I can watch the speaker, be in the hangout live, and backchannel during the event with people from all over the world.  This not only uses social media as a substitute for being in a lecture, it allows people to interact who would not previously have the opportunity to before social media.  Social media acts as a direct tool to substitute for sit and get professional development with functional improvements.

Twitter and Voxer are the sm tools u use to reach the level of modification in terms of professional development.  Twitter and Voxer chats allow me to reach experts in various fields.  Now we have multiple education experts involved in professional development.  I can learn best practices from multiple people at one time and using a new medium.  I am not sitting in front of a computer or in a room. I can participate anywhere in the world.  I am not getting information from just one lecturer I am interacting with multiple experts and can ask insightful or clarifying questions.  Professional development has now undergone significant task design.

The final level of the SAMR model is the one that really changed how my professional development was undertaken.  The first example of this was using Voxer to create the National Lesson Plan Creator.  This website drove my professional development by forcing me to understand the national physical education standards and create the perfect lesson plan template creator.  The second example redefinition was the creation of So You Think You Can Balance and So You Think You Are Fit.  @mradampe, @nicholasendlich, and I used Voxer, Twitter, and Google Hangouts to create a brand new way to exercise and balance in classrooms anywhere in the world.  The final way that I social media for redefinition is through a Voxer podcast.  This was a chat that physical education teachers had with Mike Kuczala.  Mike is a co-author of The Kinesthetic Classroom Teacing.  We watched his TED talk and discussed it with him during an hour Voxer chat.  Jorge Rodriguez cut and spliced the audio to make a podcast.  All three of the examples listed above uses social media for the creation of new tasks that was previously inconceivable.
My question to you is how are you using social media to reach the modification and redefinition level of the SAMR model?  Are you using it to just replace sitting in a room or are you using it to create new professional development and growth opportunities for you and your colleagues?

Q1. How do you use social media to substitute for old school pd?

Q2.  How do you use social media augment old school sit and get pd?

Q3. How do you use social media to modify your pd?

Q4. How do you use social media to redefine your pd?

Q5. What are the best examples of redefinition using social media you have saw?


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