Finding My Purpose

This month’s blog challenge by @iamwill is finding our purpose. What is my purpose? This has changed over the years. I started out with the purpose of increasing student’s physical skills through practice and games. This started out well enough until I realized this was a poor purpose. Students don’t need their physical skills improved through practice and games. Students need to understand how these skills will benefit them now as well as in the future. That still isn’t my purpose in teaching, though. My new purpose is to create a positive association with movement for my students. That is my main purpose in teaching. I have many other things that I want to teach my students, but nothing is more important than them believing that moving is fun and wanting to do it on their own.

My die hard physical education community members might give me pushback on this. They will tell me that physical literacy is the most important thing we should be teaching students. Others will tell me that if the students don’t understand why they should move we will lose them. They would all be correct as well because physical literacy and the why help create that positive association with movement. When students feel they can do a variety of physical activities well, they will be more apt to look upon movement in a positive light. In the same vein, when students understand that moving will make them smarter, healthier, and happier that will also create a positive association with movement.

My purpose is simple. Create a fun atmosphere where students will learn why movement is important, become skilled at a variety of physical activities, and believe that movement is one piece of the happiness pie. If I am able to do that as a physical education teacher I have succeeded. Not only have I succeeded I will be able to die knowing that I made a positive difference in thousands of people’s lives. That makes me happy.

Q1: What is your purpose in your current job? #slowchatpe

Q2: How did you first figure out what your purpose was? #slowchatpe

Q3: Has your purpose changed over the years? #slowchatpe

Q4: How do you ensure that you are achieving your purpose? #slowchatpe

Q5: Who do you follow on social media that helps you achieve your purpose? #slowchatpe


One thought on “Finding My Purpose

  1. andy vasily (@andyvasily)

    No push back here man. My purpose in moving forward is to get young people to understand and embrace being physically active for life. And to do so by giving them opportunity to explore and experience many different types of movement related to sport and activity. In achieving this aim physical literacy becomes almost a by-product.

    My main aim is not to focus on physical literacy. I know that physical literacy will take care of itself through the activities and learning tasks that my students experience. Everything I do will be about physical literacy, however, the larger, more enduring aim and desire is that all of my learners fall in love with being active. And find ways to stay active for life that suit their character and inner self. Perhaps this is team games, perhaps it is individual pursuits. Whatever it is doesn’t matter to me provided they are maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle for years to come.

    I’m certainly not proposing that physical literacy doesn’t matter. It means everything, but for me to motivate my students to be physically active for life, I must be able to get them to find something meaning and relevant to them and their life that will stick.



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