Finding My Success #beyouedu

I’m a little late on the January #beyouedu blog. Last month’s subject was finding your success. In Dr.Will’s video, he speaks about his ability to connect with people in a smaller room when he presents at conferences. Tomorrow I will present to a group of physical education and health teachers at my state conference. If it is anything like it was last year the room will be packed. People will be all be looking at me like I am some sort of expert. They expect me to bring the “tech” to my session.

They will be surprised at how low-tech my presentation is this year. My presentation is one google doc. Not a fancy doc that has tons images or gifs. It is going to be a regular old google doc with links to videos, a shared physical education google drive, a lesson plan creator (largest google form ever), and a link to some of my Seesaw videos. This is in direct contrast to my technology-heavy presentation last year.

The reason for this switch is finding my success. My success is not going to come from having all the bells and whistles. They end up being a distraction. People get frustrated signing into things. My success will come from my ability to impress on people the value of the sharing economy.

The Sharing Economy is a socio-economic ecosystem built around the sharing of human and physical resources. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organizations. (link)

The sharing economy is bringing disruption to the world right now. Teachers have access to resources that were unheard of even 5 years ago. Amazon, Edmodo, Microsoft, Creative Commons, and ASCD have all paired up to bring FREE resources to our teachers and students under the umbrella of OER. (link) The physical education community has been ahead of this sharing economy for years. There is no reason why new teachers do not have any online resource they need to succeed. Voxer allows you to access hundreds of physical education and health teachers and ask any questions you want. Twitter allows you to connect with hundreds of thousands of teachers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other social media site have all been infiltrated by teachers.

My success will come from showing the teachers in the room that they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I am at my best when I don’t have to worry about the participants logging onto a website or having to download an app. Using the Google shortcut taught to me by Adam Llevo (mradampe), every person who wants access to my presentation will simply click on this link or type in the shortener I will post. You will see that when you click on the link it will force them to make a copy of the presentation. The doc will be named and automatically placed in their google drive. The name of the doc is the conference name. This is where my success will lie. Ease of use and getting the information to my participants to reference in the future.

If someone asks me what does find my success look like I would tell them it is about making connections. Opening myself up to others. How can I serve you? What help do you need to succeed? Here is my twitter handle, voxer id, email, cell phone, blog URL. Use me to help you succeed. I don’t mind. The reason I don’t mind is because finding my success will fail without you.

  1. What does finding your success in teaching/presenting look like? #slowchatpe
  2. What distracts you in the classroom or presentation room from your success? #slowchatpe
  3. How do/did you realize your success? #slowchatpe
  4. How do you use the sharing economy in school? #slowchatpe
  5. Where should we go to find sharing economies online? (people or sites) #slowchatpe






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