Blab is Dead

I received the news that Blab died. Blab was a social media platform that allowed up to four people to video chat while others could use their Twitter handles and chime in using text on the side. It was a fantastic free site that really allowed me to take my professional development to the next level. Every Monday we would get together and talk about whatever professional development or educational idea what come to our heads. Now in the blink of an eye, it is gone.

While I was surprised at the quickness of its demise I was not worried. Jarrod Robinson (@mrrobbo), the foremost expert in physical education technology, had already warned us of becoming too comfortable in any one space in technology. Being a veteran of the technology game he has watched many technologies come and go. This is one of the reasons that I have a pc, laptop, ipad, iphone, and chromebook. I will always keep myself well versed in multiple platforms.

Based on the recommendation of Chris Nesi (house of edtech host), mentioned I should check out firetalk. I created my firetalk channel and went to work figuring out how this new platform works. My journey is no different than how our students learn today. I heard of a cool idea. I started to fool around with it on my own. When things got tough I asked other people how to make it work. After all that I read some blogs and watched YouTube videos and I was ready to go.

This journey reminded me that I need to remain flexible and not allow myself to become too comfortable with any technology because like life you never know what is coming around the corner.

Q1 What did you think of Blab?


3 thoughts on “Blab is Dead

  1. Matt Frat (@iMattFrat)

    I was only in one blab ever, so I’m no expert, but I didn’t really get how it was better than gho or, which actually could hold more people. I guess the blab magic for most people was the twitter chat tie in , but in my mind that was a liability cuz it hurt signal/noise on twitter.


  2. UOIT MEd

    Hey Justin,
    Thanks for showing me the ropes on Blab. Kind of explains why there was no response to my email. Looking forward to hearing how this new tool works. Great reminder about flexibility here!!



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