Family Physical Activities

My wife’s grandmother died Wednesday night. She was 89 and in declining health. Although her passing wasn’t a surprise, it was still upsetting that she was no longer with us. She left a husband, four successful children (success being defined as happy/healthy), nine grandchildren, and numerous great-grandchildren. Her viewing was loud and full of people. Everyone was there to celebrate a life well lived. This is how life was supposed to happen. You are born, grow up, create some sort of family, and enjoy the trials and tribulations of a long and fruitful life.

The funeral the next day was much more sorrowful. It was difficult to watch her grandfather bury the woman he had spent over 50 years married to. There were tears and speeches. Flowers were put on top of her casket and we were told to move on to lunch.

The lunch was fun. Yes, the lunch after the funeral was a pleasurable occasion. Family and friends gathered together to eat and drink. This was where we were able to reconnect with out of town family and friends that we don’t see as often as we should. Lunch wrapped up quickly and then it was time for the children to nap before the family get together at night.

Once the kids arose from nap time we went over to my inlaws. All the aunts and uncles and cousins came together to just enjoy each other’s company. The ages ranged from 2-70 years of age. I was outside on kid duty. I watched the children swing on the swings, play with a football, play an interesting game called puppy, and run around in general merriment. They moved because it was fun. Their faces were flush, jackets were thrown to the ground, cell phones put away and they moved. It was a pleasure to watch and be a participant in.

We don’t always need organized leagues, videos to exercise with, or a gym to go visit. There are numerous ways to move with other people. Family parties are my favorite form of physical activity. All it takes is a volleyball net and two people, a football and someone who wants to throw it, a soccer ball that is laying in wait. Random games of tag pop up out of nowhere. Remember the joy of movement is multiplied when shared with others.

Q1: What is your favorite activity to do at family parties?



2 thoughts on “Family Physical Activities

  1. Chris Martino

    First, my condolences to you and your family.

    My family always breaks out some type of activity for all to participate in. Throwing a football or baseball, playing wiffle ball, or volleyball are all normal activities around the house, but bocci is my favorite. Bocci allows everyone in the family to get involved in an activity and always makes for great conversation.



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