The Why Part 2

This is a first. I have more to add to my blog titled Why I am a Physical Educator. Doug Timm asked me why did I choose Physical Education as the avenue to teach the dimensions of wellness. The real answer is that I don’t know. I loved every subject in school with the exception of Art and Spanish. Sorry to my Art and Spanish pln members. I knew a traditional classroom and I didn’t mesh well. I didn’t like sit and get and didn’t think I would do well in that environment. I loved all kinds of games and activities growing up. I enjoyed physical education and always knew that I wanted to teach. I don’t remember when I consciously decided those two things could join together.

I do know that I did not enter the Health and Physical Education teacher program with the philosophy of the dimensions of wellness as my mission. I believe that my college has a solid Physical Education and Health program but they did not shape my mission either. This was not the college’s fault because I did not really put in the time and effort required to reflect on the Why.

So how did I arrive at my Why? It was through years of experience with students coupled with the fact that I see our school system as a power structure that has many holes in it. Little by little I moved away from being the one telling the students this is what we will be doing to becoming more of a facilitation role. This happened because I truly want my students to find their joy when they come in my class. I can’t force my joy on them. We all know that doesn’t turn out well.

The idea of teaching with the dimensions of wellness came about when the #whyphysed started in 2014 to bring awareness to the Physed Summit. This was the first time anyone in education was using Google Hangouts to unite the world in professional learning!!! I reflected on my Why and came up with the 7 dimensions as being my reason Why. That was a full 8 years after I had graduated from college and taught in 3 different schools. What I am saying is that I was never intentional about my Why before then.

Moving forward this brings up a lot of questions. How do we get our preservice teachers to think about their Why? Is it even possible for them to have a Why before they have taught and understand the What and the How? Will my Why change throughout my teaching career? My Why has already changed from enjoyment and movement to the 7 dimensions of wellness. Does the Why really have to go first? Mel Hamada commented that some people have to do first then reflect. This may be a reason I didn’t have a solid Why when I first started teaching. Follow up blog is over. Next blog get ready to learn about how my class works on achieving and maintaining Physical Wellness!!


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