The P in #PLN is for Personal

Last night I went to my first #pln party. The majority of the people were EdCamp NJ team members as well as other local NJ and PA teachers. The idea was for a bunch of us to get together and have a good time creating closer connections. We didn’t have a book club, talk about what we are going to do for the next EdCamp, or have any educational agenda. The evening was hosted by Chrissy Romano (@theconnectedEdu). She had the evening catered and graciously provided her house and yard for our delight.

Any soiree that I attend is going to have music and Paddle Zlam. This evening was no different. I brought out the Ion Block Rocker and the Paddle Zlam travel bag and the evening was ready to be conquered. I teamed up with Fade (@ojfade) and unfortunately, we were defeated by the evil Nicholas Endlich and Adam Schoenbart. Paddle Zlam is such an engaging game that you can’t but be drawn in and want to play. Everyone had a great time playing it!!

As the evening sun disappeared into nothingness we gathered around a fire and talked. Some of the conversation was about education but most of it was about life, family, and other outside interests. It is funny how my world is changing. My #pln is truly merging into a personal learning network. I have more in common with those I come across in education than some of the people I grew up with. I don’t know whether it is the fact that we all have a similar occupation or that I want to be around people who care about others.

I continue to be amazed at how the people I have connected with in the digital realm have become the people I interact with the most in the physical realm. When I look back on the last five years I notice that my life has been shifting more towards education and those people associated with education. I do worry that I am putting all my eggs in one basket. I also realize that my passion lies in education and that shutting myself off from my passion is about as easy as having Betsy Devos explaining IDEA to a group of Senators.

I enjoyed talking to everyone but my conversations with Marcos (@mrnavas), Fade (@ojfade), Shevan (@mrpersad_ba), Dani (@kennisdani), and Adam (@mrshoenbart) were highly enjoyable. The conversations ran the gamut from cigars to birth, to interconnectedness to beverages, doctorates to disciplinarians and everything between. You know you are having a lovely evening when you can’t eat anything else and your brain and body have been stimulated. I had a wonderful evening and wonder where my #pln will take me next!


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