Most Important Standards

Here are the most important standards for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Physical Education to me.

Describes/compares the positive social interactions when engaged in partner, small-group and large-group physical activities. (S5.E4.4)

Describes the social benefits gained from participating in physical activity (e.g., recess, youth sport). (S5.E4.5)

Identifies the components of physical activity that provide opportunities for reducing stress and for social interaction. (S5.M2.6) Describes how moving competently in a physical activity setting creates enjoyment. (S5.M4.6)

We have spent the first week breaking the standard down together as a class into kid-friendly language. Once the students came up with their definition and we had discussed it as a class they wrote it in their Seesaw account and sent it home to their parents and guardians.

They spent the rest of the class creating and playing partner games. At the end of the class, they wrote down why they enjoyed doing the activity with their partners. We will move on to small and large groups with the same idea of deconstructing what makes it enjoyable to move with other people.

Once we have all the information we will attempt to make a concept map. This will guide us throughout the year on why we are moving and what we gain from doing it with other people. It’s not fancy or especially tech savvy. It’s just the most important thing I can possibly help my students to discover and analyze.


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