EdCampNJ­ is a user-generated conference, commonly referred to as an “unconference.” This unconference event is organized by groups o­f K-12 educators and administrators, specifically designed to create a participant-driven, fun-filled day of professional development. EdCamps are free for all who attend! Attendees include administrators, parents, students, teachers, board of education members, and other educational stakeholders.

Educational technology is a common topic area for EdCamps, as is pedagogy, practical examples in instructional use of modern tools, and solving the problems technology can introduce into the classroom environment. Educators can connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate ideas, brainstorm solutions to common education problems, have group discussions. Sessions at EdCamps are diverse and eclectic because they grow out of the interests and expertise of the participants. Most sessions are informal conversations or demonstrations. It’s common for many different people to take the floor during an event to share an idea, show student work, or ask questions. EdCampers are energized and receive information, tips and techniques that can immediately be applied in the classroom.

This year EdCampNJ will be held on November 18 at :

New Brunswick High School 

1000 Somerset Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901



Please consider coming to this EdCamp. It will be held from 8:30 until 1:00 leaving the bulk of your day intact. It is a cost-free day which I guarantee will push your thoughts of where education currently is and where it is heading. Click this link here in order to sign up for FREE! If you have any questions please email me!


Justin Schleider


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