Sherri Spelic recently wrote this blog post about whiteboards. I agree with her that projectors and whiteboards are fantastic tools that are essential in the gym

stock-photo-empty-whiteboard-magnetic-board-isolated-on-white-208699177or the classroom. I use mine and find it an awesome teaching tool.

I would like to talk about the other whiteboards though. The ones that look like the image on the left. These whiteboards are quickly becoming one of my favorite forms of assessments.

My parents are always complaining that I use too much technology in my class. I poll my students often for feedback and they universally agreed this was true. The turning point for me was that the students said they would rather use paper and pencil for their reflections than using their Chromebooks. Using their feedback to change my teaching practice forced me to figure out new ways to have them reflect without technology. Hence the personal whiteboards.

My students will be given multiple tasks to do in class. One of them is to grab the whiteboard and answer some sort of reflection question. They write their name on the bottom and put the whiteboards on the side of the gym. I then take a picture of each whiteboard and upload it to their Seesaw account. This allows me to have evidence of their learning as well as continuing to inform their guardians about what we are learning in class. This has cut down on the amount of time that students are on technology during my class.

A fourth-grade teacher commented on how he liked this idea and gave me some information about evidence and elaboration stems. I created these two posters and display them using my projector.

Evidence Stems Elaboration Stems.jpg









As with everything else in my teaching. I will continue to tweak this and use the feedback from my students to improve their experience in my class. If you do anything similar please share with me on Facebook or Twitter!


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