10 Questions to Critically Reflect On




andy vasily

This image was created by Andy Vasily.  It will help guide my 2017 reflection.

  1.  I have deepened many personal and professional relationships this year. I strengthened many of my professional relationships at the SHAPE National Convention this year. Sleeping Rooming with Andy Milne was a highlight for sure! Coming in a close second was hanging with my Paddle Zlam crew! Meeting Mel Hamada and Shrehan Lynch in person cannot be overlooked as well. I could spend pages just reflecting on that experience alone. I have also combined some of my professional relationships into much more personal relationships. Getting to know people on a deeper level was definitely a goal for me this year.
  2. I am always interested in people’s stories for sure. I firmly believe that everyone has a story and I can learn from everyone. We have interviewed many people on the Voxcast which allows people to have a platform to center and amplify their voices.
  3. This year I was very grateful for my personal blessings. My family is overall very healthy and I acknowledge and appreciate this. Professionally I haven’t counted my blessings. I sometimes feel stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do about it. Hopefully, 2018 will help me with this feeling.
  4. This past year I have written a book chapter and numerous blogs, created some cool Voxcasts, presented locally, regionally, and nationally. In the classroom, I have really continued to work on having a more student-centered approach. I am happy with my progress and have some really cool ideas for a future Voxer book club podcast and helping Kennedra Tucker with a social justice podcast.
  5. Physically this year was a let down for me. I played basketball twice a week but I have slacked on my muscular endurance and strength training. I need to get back on track.
  6. My inner critic voice kept me back from applying for some jobs. I have also apologized more this year for the words that have left my mouth than in years past.
  7. I have spent more time trying to recognize others value and goodness in my life. This occurred in many fashions. Some people received gifts from me, others a card, and still others I made time for.
  8. I surround myself with great people who push themselves so hard that I can only marvel at what they do. This helps drive me to continue to be a creator and producer in a world of consumption.
  9. I don’t know how much I empowered others. I do know that if anyone asks me for help I did anything and everything in my power to assist and empower them.
  10. In 2018 I  will work on being more physically active. The value of this can’t be overstated.

Take the @andyvasily reflection challenge. What did your year look like?




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