My Contact With Pee

Today is MLK Day. I don’t feel the need to address this any more than to acknowledge it. I have been doing the work all year and to focus solely on social justice today and then forget about it until next year seems disingenuous.

Next. I read a fantastic blog written by Dr. Angela Dye titled Pissing on My Pee. What’s ironic about this piece is that commenting on it or discussing it decenters the author. That is the entire point of the blog in my opinion. Tell me what you think.


My next contact with pee was with my son’s Pee Wee basketball team. I coach the team and we played horribly. I don’t care about losing but our skills were really low especially compared to the other team. I left the game frustrated. I was wondering how I could make a better impact with only having a half hour before the game to practice. Suddenly the light bulb went off. It is time to use Teaching Games for Understanding pedagogy and combine it with the natural Sports Education Model that is recreation basketball.

Our next practice will consist of 2 v 1 and 3 v 2. This will allow the players to have more time being in real time game situations. A lot of what we lacked was game sense. What do we do in different situations? TGFU will be a crash course in decision making and also increase the amount of game time the kids will have. That increase in time will allow them to understand what is happening much quicker.

As always I appreciate you reading my blog. Have a good week!


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