This week I was immersed in the #EduGladiator world. Marlena Gross-Taylor asked me to lead a Twitter chat on Saturday, January 27, 2018, based on classroom management. I didn’t know what #EduGladiator stood for nor did I care. Marlena is good people so if someone I value asks me to help I am all about it. If I had to guess I would say an EduGladiator is someone who is willing to fight for their students, someone who will battle against the isms wherever they may rear their ugly head and someone who has the desire to be the best educator they can be. I could be wrong. It’s immaterial.

Here were my questions:

Q1: How does classroom management contribute to the culture of a  class?

Q2: What makes classroom management different than punishment or consequences?

Q2.1 How do race and power affect classroom management?

Q3: How can your classroom management avoid conflict that naturally arises in classrooms?

Q4: What classroom management system or tricks have helped you the most?

Here was the one Tweet that stood at to me the most:

My answer looked like this:

Carla brings up such a fantastic point. Culture and management go hand in hand. Management without culture is teacher driven. Culture without management is chaos.

On Sunday I was part of the podcast with all the other moderators from #EduGladiators in January. Anytime I can hang with Victor Small, and Demetrius Ball I am there! My biggest takeaways from the show were like your kids, ISS is the devil, and get over your bias by meeting it head-on. Watch the show here to hear a boatload of gold nuggets!



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