I Know Nothing

I was born into this world unable to do anything on my own. I needed every single act of life beyond my basic bodily functions to be taken care of. I could not feed myself nor protect myself from this world. I knew nothing.

I grew, I played, I went to elementary school then middle school. Still, I knew nothing.

I received bar mitzvah at 13 in the Jewish religion. I then went on to confirmation when I was 15 yet even then I knew nothing.

I graduated high school then college. Nonetheless, I knew nothing.

I got a job, got married, had a child, got a masters degree, had two more children, got another masters degree. Regardless, I knew nothing.

I read books, listen to podcasts, hold professional development for hundreds of people, however, I know nothing.

Change is constant. We are here to visit this world for the briefest of times. I need to make a mark, leave a reminder of who I was and what I stood for, increase my sphere of influence before it is too late. I am not guaranteed another day, hour, minute or second on this planet.

I know something.




2 thoughts on “I Know Nothing

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  2. edifiedlistener

    What we *know* of life, of this world, changes and shifts as we mature, as we broaden our experiences and contacts. You capture that so well here. We must know too that we have no guarantees, that we will not be here forever. I think more and more about what will remain from my time and it may not be much but I hope it will stand as useful, helpful to some folks at one point in time.



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