The Negative Might Be A Positive

This video shared with me By Tony Alexander

This will be a quick one.

Think about a negative situation you had. Maybe it was with a co-worker where you butted heads. It could have possibly been with a long time friend speaking about politics or religion. Perhaps you had a situation on social media that went south. Whatever the negative situation it doesn’t matter. Just try to remember the situation in as many details as you possibly can.

Think about the emotion of the situation. I had a circumstance that was eating at me for years. I had feelings of anger and powerlessness. I couldn’t get my point across and felt attacked and belittled. Every time I thought of it all these negative feelings came up.

Then a friend told me to reframe my view. What good came out of the situation? How did you grow? What changed because of it? These simple questions blew my mind! There was a ton of good that came from it when I reflected back. It forced me to become a better version of myself.

Suddenly the anger was gone. The negative feelings that were only hurting me were gone. The other parties had moved on and probably not thought about it or me since. I was the one that was hurting myself. The weight lifted.

Hopefully, this will help you. It is not a new philosophy or something I didn’t know. I just needed someone to remind me about reframing the experience. Perhaps I can be that someone to you.



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