Brett Kavanaugh

Watching this Kavanaugh hearing through the lens of a health teacher is an educational experience. Where do we start? Let’s go with this statement right here:

Senator, you were asking about college. I got into Yale Law School. That’s the number-one law school in the country. I had no connections there. I got there by busting my tail in college. link

If you don’t know Brett’s family background here is a quick update:

His mother was a history teacher at Woodson and McKinley high schools in Washington in the 1960s and 1970s. She earned her law degree from Washington College of Law in 1978 and served as a Maryland state Circuit Court judge from 1995 to 2001 in Montgomery County. His father was an attorney and served as the president of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association for two decades. As a teenager he attended Georgetown Preparatory School. 

Even if we could give logic the night off and honestly believe that his parent’s connections did not get him into Yale we can not ignore the immeasurable resources he had available. He attended a top private high school and had two parents who were judges. When we look at this through the lens of intersectionality Brett came from a high socio-economic background and is a heterosexual cis-gender white male. While I don’t doubt he worked his butt off, but he was given every advantage in life that was possible. What would be more incredulous would be if he failed at retaining the power and wealth that his parents had amassed for their family.

The second interesting part comes from his Yearbook quotes. 1

When asked about the Devil’s Triangle he claimed it was, ” a drinking game with “three glasses in a triangle,” similar to Quarters. link Urban dictionary who has the real definitions to everything states that it is, “A threesome with 1 woman and 2 men. It is important to remember that straight men do not make eye contact while in the act. Doing so will question their sexuality.” link First let me be clear. If you want to engage in a threesome and everyone is cool with it do your thing. I don’t judge. The problematic part is that he couldn’t just come out and say what it was. Why was it shameful to be in a threesome with another guy and a woman? Speaking of shame what is up with the guys not being able to look each other in the eye because they will question their sexuality? You would have to go out of your way not to make eye contact. Where are the joy and pleasure if you can’t even look at the people you are engaging in the sex act with? Why engage in a sex act that isn’t enjoyable? Anyway, I digress.

You may ask how do I know that there is not a drinking game called Devil’s Triangle and that Kavanaugh is lying? The reason I can state that is THE GOOGLE SAYS SO! There is no reference to a drinking game called this. If it was real someone somewhere would have posted the rules for it. Shoot there is a drinking game posted called Blind Squirrel Drinking Game. Secondly, check out this receipt:

“…it’s also worth noting that the Twitter account Congressional Edits, a Twitter bot that monitors edits to Wikipedia made from Congressional I.P. addresses, discovered that the Wikipedia term “Devil’s Triangle (disambiguation)” was edited anonymously from the US House of Representatives shortly to describe it in the same terms as Kavanaugh.” (link)

Yes, Mr. Kavanaugh and his party got caught posting the new term online. So why did he lie? Was it the two men? The fact that America is not comfortable with threesomes? This may be a good subject to speak about with your high school health classes. Why is there shame surrounding sex with multiple partners? Where do gender and sexuality play a role in what society finds acceptable in the bedroom?

The second quote I found super interesting was the use of boofing. Mr. Kavanaugh claimed it was flatulence. Like poofies I guess? Again I don’t trust him so we will go to a better source and see what Urban Dictionary says. It states that boofing is, “The act of inserting drugs into the anus for a longer trip.”

Traditionally, any medications rectally administered will be distributed quickly and more efficiently throughout the body than if administered in a different way. However, rectal administration also means the medication will have a shorter peak time and a shorter duration. For illicit drugs taken this way, the same is true. The rapid onset prompts those affected by substance abuse to use this method, despite any possible negative consequences. link

Putting drugs in your rectum seems risky. It turns out that it is a huge problem if you don’t do it in a sterile environment and with lubrication.

While prescribed medications taken rectally involve proper lubrication and a sterile syringe or applicator, those afflicted with substance abuse may not bother with these steps, causing harm to the rectal tissues and membranes. Not using sterile applicators or proper lubrication may lead to infection. Further, rectal administration may be particularly dangerous for people who have certain pre-existing conditions. link

The chemical makeup of illicit substances is harsh on the body, and may cause extensive damage to the intestines when a person repeatedly exposes the rectum to such use. link

We need to teach our students that although the future Supreme Court Justice may have engaged in taking drugs rectally this is not something that is safe to do. This is the same caveat we have to make when we address how the 45th President of the United States engaged in “locker room talk”. Yes, it may be Presidential or Supreme Courtesque but it is not appropriate for empathetic human beings.

There is a much more sordid aspect to this story. The accusations against Mr. Kavanaugh were about the manic pursuit of male approval. This article sums it up much better than anything I could ever write. It speaks about a “toxic homosociality” that males engage in. The idea is “that it involves males wooing other males over the comedy of being cruel to women”. Truthfully I know all about this. Growing up I saw this occur and was a part of it. Putting women down in order to elevate men is something that occurs quite regularly especially in the teen years.

As I grow older I have become painfully aware just how much my actions have caused harm to women growing up. I always stuck with the good bad binary. I never raped or hit a woman so I was a good guy. Just like racism, we know that the binary falls way short when we review our actions.

Please read the article I cited. It will give you an insight into gender and power that you have never seen before. It will pull the curtain back and connect the dots creating an image that our students need to recognize in order to work against.

Finally, take a look at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and see it for what it is. White males with immense power arguing over who will shape the laws of our land for the next 50 years. This has so many ramifications a plethora of books will be written about it. We are watching a seismic shift in our democracy that will roll back the rights of LGBT members, union members, women, and the working class. There are lessons to be learned here. If we ignore them the present will become the past and the future will remain unchanged. White men with power and resources will continue to hoard them causing immense gaps in wealth and wellness.



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