Physed Summit 2016

Have you ever met someone so enthusiastic to do something that it made you excited? Their zeal so contagious that you can’t help but be swept up into the wild unharnessed energy that radiates from them. You hear them preach and you realize that something special is going to happen for them and if you open your eyes and heart something special will happen to you as well. That very scenario happened to me on Friday night. The man whose words stirred my soul none other than Andy Hair (@MrHairPhysEd). Andy left a group of physical education and health teachers a Vox that made me tingle. The energy started in my toes and ended with a Ric Flair-like wooooo! The man from down under was so exuberant about the Physed Summit 2016  that the CDC stated his energy was more infectious than the Zika virus. He had the passion I needed to jump start my dying batteries.

I woke up Saturday morning excited to begin a 24-hour professional development rodeo that would leave me exhausted on Sunday morning. It started with two members of my PLN who I have hung with numerous times, Claudia Brown and Judy Lobianco. They both brought the fire and kicked off the Summit properly. Once the ball started rolling there was no stopping it. Presenter after presenter gave freely of their time and intellectual property in order to raise the profession.

The proverbial ball of professional development was gaining more and more speed and momentum. Hour after hour, presenter after presenter, the physical education and health community were receiving the highest quality of professional development you can get until the midnight hour struck. The “ball” hit the wall when it ran smack dab into the BlabberMouths. Two Brits and two Americans threw all professionalism right out the window and engaged in a banter that bordered on the comical. They discussed myths in education including homework, fitness testing, and learning styles. If you would like to check out their session click here.

The BlabberMouths session ended at 1 am and the heavyweights were sent in to resurrect the momentum that had previously been gained. Kari Bullis, Collin Brooks, and Naomi Hartl were able to put the Physed Summit train back on the tracks and heading in the right direction until 2 of the 4 BlabberMouths took center stage at 6 am. Their session was entitled Voice and Choice. No, it was not about a choir or Roe v Wade. It was concerning how teachers can leverage student voice and student choice to increase engagement and learning. If you would like to check out their session click here.

The Summit finished with MacKenzie Mushel Ellis, Dr. Stephen Harvey, and Jace Ferguson making up the ground that the BlabberMouths had once again squandered.

The online conference created and executed by the #physedagogy team was a huge success! It was not a success because thousands of people took their personal time to produce or consume, uplifting the profession. It was a success because students from all over the world will receive better pedagogy that can be directly linked back to the Summit.

One lasting thought for those educators who may read this blog but are not in the physed or healthed world. Check out this session on the 50 year history of literacy presented by Dr. Dean Dudley. It gives a fascinating look at how physical literacy can learn lessons from literacy.


Q1. What was your favorite session from the Physed Summit?  


One thought on “Physed Summit 2016

  1. Claudia Brown

    Justin, thanks for the kind words!

    To describe my favorite summit presentation would be similar to choosing my favorite National Park. When I first saw Glacier in Montana, I thought, this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen!! After visiting numerous others, I can only say that each has its own beauty! That is how I felt about the summit! Each presenter shone a light on something different, each shared passion and a wealth of knowledge!
    Thank you all!!



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