What Am I?

I have two parallel lines intersected by two slanted perpendicular lines. Words grouped together with no spaces suddenly have their power raised exponentially. I have united a country and taken down a government. (link) I have saved people from danger after mass shootings. (link) I have shed light on travesties of justice allowing people to be live reporters. My power knows no limits.

People use me to engage in serious discussions or to mock the idea that precedes me. Sometimes I am read by millions yet others times only my creator has ever seen me. My genius lays in my simplicity. Anyone can create or use me. I do not care about your race, gender, religion, sexuality or any other way humans use to group each other. I only care that people use me.

I have a dark side to me as well. People use me to spread hatred and spew vile threats at others. They use my power for evil. I notice but am unable to stop them. I am a tool to be used as desired.

I am a mainstay in Poe’s law. I can change the entire meaning of a group of words simply by adding the word sarcasm after me. I allow a depth to 140 characters that wouldn’t be possible without me.

I have the ability to make people laugh as well as cry. A well-timed use of me can create laughter that makes milk shoot out of your nose. I can accent a punchline much like the mannerisms of a comedian.

I am not proud or egotistical. All I ask is that you use me as desired.

This blog was written directly as a response to @carmelhealth slowchathealth.com blog.


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