Beliefs and Thoughts

I am keynoting at CUE Nevada on October 1. (Please come to the conference!!!) I started to mull over some different ideas that would work for me during the keynote and I came across metacognition. Thinking about thinking.  One of my favorite quotes about metacognition is by Gandhi. ghandi

The only problem was the more I thought about this the more I disagree with him that beliefs become your thoughts. How can I believe something that I have never thought of before? How did it become a belief? Did I just start believing something without really understanding it?

I believe that thoughts may become beliefs. I have tons of thoughts that I don’t believe. Most of my thoughts, to be honest, are complete trash and unworthy of being typed onto this page. My beliefs, on the other hand, have been debated or discussed with other people.


I stumbled across a quote from the great Deepak Chopra. How do we get to the point that we believe the thought is a truth? In other words, how do we turn our thoughts into beliefs?

The answer to that is our Personal Learning Network. This could be friends, family, adults in education, students in education, people we hate on social media, people we like on social media, books we read, or any other litany of ways we have our thinking pushed.

Q1: Do you believe that thoughts shape beliefs or beliefs shape thoughts.

Q2: Where do you get new thoughts from?

Q3: How do you make sure that your thoughts or beliefs are truths outside your reality?

Q4: Tell us about a time when your truth or belief was shattered. What happened?

Q5: Who do you follow on social media that pushes your thinking?




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